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This is Network ReOrient: exploring the post-Western, reconnecting the Islamosphere. Every other Friday we feature conversations with thinkers, artists and community activists about things Islamicate and decolonial.

Network ReOrient is a part of the Critical Muslim Studies project, connecting and intersecting acts of epistemic disobedience and political re-imagination.

Dr. Hizer Mir

Lecturer | School of Sociology and Social Policy | University of Leeds


Hizer is a Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds. His research covers the fields of Critical Muslim Studies, sociology of religion, secularism, Islamophobia, cultural studies, decoloniality, critical theory and the right wing. He completed his BA in Arabic and International Relations at the University of Leeds and did his Masters in Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford. Outside of the University, Hizer has a long history of local and national activism which covered educational, political and interfaith initiatives.

Prof. Saeed A. Khan

Associate Professor | Departments of Near East & Asian Studies and Global Studies | Wayne State University - Detroit, Michigan


Saeed A. Khan is Associate Professor of Teaching in the Departments of Near East & Asian Studies and Global Studies at Wayne State University- Detroit, Michigan, where he teaches Global Political Economy, Globalization and Global Institutions, as well Islamic and Middle East History, Politics and Culture, and where he also is Director of Wayne State’s Center for Citizenship Studies. In addition, he is a founding member and a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Social Policy & Understanding (ISPU): a Washington-based Think Tank promoting the study and analysis of US social and domestic policy. 

Prof. Khan’s recent publications include “The Gaps of History” in Critical Muslim, Vol. 45, the anthology, Global Studies: A Reader on Issues and Institutions, and the co-authored book, What’s Going on Here? US Experiences of Islamophobia Between Obama and Trump, as well as “Fallacies of Foundational Principles: Rawls’s Political Liberalism and Islamophobia” in ReOrient (March 2017).